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Igniting Entrepreneurial Success and Fostering Creative Collaboration: Tia Upshaw's Remarkable Journey

Tia Upshaw, an unstoppable force in the world of entrepreneurship, has been leaving an indelible mark on organizations throughout Canada. Through her exceptional content creation skills, Tia has been empowering businesses across the nation, unlocking their potential for success.

Tia's passion for entrepreneurship extends beyond her work with organizations. She has taken on a pivotal role in the AFIA project, which is spearheading the development of the AFIA DEI Certification. This nation-wide initiative, led by The Forum, is addressing systemic barriers faced by women entrepreneurs in accessing capital. Tia's involvement in this game-changing certification encourages Canadian funders to take proactive steps towards facilitating access to business funding, fostering accelerated growth for women and gender-diverse entrepreneurs. The focus is particularly on empowering BIPOC and 2SLGBTQ+ individuals, ensuring their rightful place in the entrepreneurial landscape.

But Tia's contributions don't end there. Link Up, the vibrant Arts Hub in Halifax, has become a haven for the creative community to connect and collaborate. In this nurturing environment, Tia offers spaces and programs designed to foster creativity, productivity, and meaningful collaborations. From working and meeting spaces to opportunities for making and presenting, Link Up is a dynamic space curated by Tia to unleash the full potential of the creative community.

Join us in celebrating Tia Upshaw, a trailblazer who is transforming entrepreneurship and fostering collaboration. Her dedication to breaking down barriers, amplifying voices, and cultivating thriving creative communities is unparalleled. With Tia's guidance, organizations find their stride, entrepreneurs realize their dreams, and the creative community thrives.

Discover the extraordinary impact of Tia Upshaw and experience the power of collaboration at Link Up, where innovation and creativity find their home. Together, let's unlock the potential of entrepreneurship and create a world where creativity flourishes.

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